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26.9.2013 devlog

26.9.2013 - Devlog

So yesterday (25.9) we released Zombie Kill of the Week for iOS.. And again with my sick luck, we got problems after publishing the game. Humh... So we had a perfectly functioning version for Testflight, bugfree and all. Now when the game ended up in AppStore, there is a "TEST" banner ad on the top middle of the screen for no reason. As you guys now, we only use fullscreen ads every now and then these days.

Then i checked our code, and it seems that the faulth is either on YoYoGames or MoPub so ive contacted both of them and trying to fix this. But for now there is a retarded banner ad blocking the view and destroying the mood for all players, Sorry for this...

Anyway the game is now out, ingame there is no ad and you can still perfectly enjoy the game for free.

Hero Siege

So Jussi came to my place today, and we had some fun developing Hero Siege, which kinda made my day and took me off of the stress caused by ZKW's release.

I managed to make 3 new enemies and a Boss for the game, and jussi managed to set up the 2 player co-op along with some features for rare/elite monsters. We are also planning to make destroyable debris spawn in the map which will drop gold etc when destroyed.

Here you can see the sprites ive done today :)

I also caught up in drawing to an actual paper for the first time in a loooooooong time

I'm also thinking and planning the crowdfunding campaign and greenlight for Hero Siege... Not sure how to go with it yet mmh.

This game is going to be so god damn awesome in every way... Anyway, i guess i have nothing more to say for today. Till next time :)


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