maanantai 23. syyskuuta 2013

What is this? Who am I?

Harro!!! Welcome to my big bad blog about game development and my company Panic Art Studios!

My name is Elias Viglione. I am the CEO & Founder of Panic Art  Studios. I also do pretty much all the graphics and sound effects for the games we make. Some games i have even programmed my self like Didi's Adventure and eXtermination :)

I'm also working alone on the Beat-Em-Up "NES-Retku".

But hey who am i? Well as stated my name is Elias. I live in Tampere, Finland with my wife and 2 dogs. I am 24-years-old, and i make my living with games and freelancing my art skills.

I enjoy thai boxing on my free time, and playing Diablo 3 etc.

I have 2 guys working for my company: REllU (Santeri Relander) and (Terralus) Jussi Kukkonen.

You probably know REllU from the game Zombie Kill of the Week. He is the Programming Lead on the project, and obviously i am the artst and we both share our loads of designing.

Jussi Kukkone has programmed "Rum Isle" and is now programming "Hero Siege" with me. We often come to my place after school and just develop our projects. I have 2 PC's next to each other, so we can really make the best results possible!

This Blog will pretty much be about me and Jussi making Hero Siege, as its my most intensive project, and a daily routine!

(The game below...)

So what to come with this blog? I will be posting concept art, pixel art, guides and tips about pixels etc! Lots and lots of awesome stuff to stare at! So please press the subscribe button and get an e-mail every time i publish a new devlog!

Till next time! Peace out!


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  1. Tumblr sivua odotellessa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Oikein firma jo? Mahtavaa nähdä, kuinka GMS on poikinut tällaisia lahjakkuuksia ja menestystarinoita. KUTG! -LehdaRi

  3. hah no terve vaa lehdarille. ja joo vuoden päiväthän tässä on jo firmaa pyöritelty :P