perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

Week 12 Update

Hello again from Panic Art Studios, updating our progress from this week.

I (Jussi) have mostly been working on online multiplayer as usual. I've made great progress on syncing relics, and probably one of the most requested features, player minions!

Player minions in online multiplayer
We've also been working close with Esko, our server programmer, on security and new in-house features to make our work progress even smoother.

The new boss death screens that Aapeli has been working on are missing just one final boss. The sketches will then be finalized by Elias and added to the game, rewarding the player for beating the act!

Boss death screens by Aapeli

Elias has drawn and implemented a LOT of new relics for the DLC. The amount of randomized madness will be mind blowing once it's all done and ready.

New relics coming in The Depths of Hell

torstai 12. maaliskuuta 2015

Long overdue update

It's been a looooooong while. Lots of stuff has happened, and you probably already know most of it. Hero Siege was launched February 2014 and that's what has been keeping us busy for the last year.

Although you might know the latest highlights, we have something new coming up every day. This is why me (Jussi) and Aapeli decided to revive this blog and let you guys know exactly what we're working on.

Aapeli might be a new face to most you, but I've been working with him for some time now on a game called Factory Escape. Elias has been talking about hiring some help with the burden of drawing ALL the graphics for Hero Siege, and I directed him to Aapeli. After a quick phone call and a conversation with Aapeli (who had just woken up), he was hired.

Jussi's thoughts:

So, I've been working on Hero Siege online multiplayer pretty much for the last year, but today I made a major breakthrough. I finally fixed the "players spawning dead" and "players mixing up" bugs, which have been bugging me (and others) for a long time. I couldn't be happier and the final release of the multiplayer for all users has never been this close. I also programmed a chat server and an in-game lobby for the players to enjoy, see here:

Hero Siege chat lobby
Currently it supports 100 simultaneous clients but we're hoping to extend the capacity in the future.

Aapeli's thoughts:

So there I was, spending a few weeks thinking what the heck should I do next when one morning the phone wakes me up and Jussi is telling me to come by the office and suddenly I have a pencil in my hand and I'm drawing things for Hero Siege. It's been a pretty cool week! Everyone's been working hard to make sure the players get the game they deserve. I've been observing the development of this game from up close since the very beginning and I gotta say, it's been quite an interesting ride and it's fun to be a part of it now.

I've spent the past few days drawing cutscenes for the game and will be helping Elias out with a variety of pixel art and animation tasks later on. From what I've seen so far the new content in the game looks awesome and it just keeps getting better.

Gurag death scene

Things to come:

Elias has been busy working with the DLC stuff, and by far it's gonna be epic! The Fallen Paladin is fully functional and Elias has been emphasizing that the collector's edition will be worth it.

The Depths of Hell collector's exclusive skin

lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2013

Long days, lots of work, satisfaction!!!

Wow.. It's been a while i last visited my blog. The reason is Hero Siege. What I've done for the past month, I've been just watching the screen and programming/drawing like a crazy person.

But now after hard work and lots of Energy Drinks, the game is finally DONE! We are spending the last remaining days before the deadline just  adding new conten like; Items, Enemies, Achievements etc.

This has been a long and bumpy ride, and I'm so happy that the result is so awesome!

We actually got some media coverage from:




Also we put up a Trailer if you haven't seen it yet, then please go watch it here:

Aaaaand here is a list of screenshots from the game :)

We also have a nice treat coming up! We will host a private game jam on the 6th of December 2013. Me (Elias), Jussi and Aleksi will make a game in 48 hours! Check out more info here:

Keep your eyes open in the stream, because we are handing out free copies of the Hero Siege Retail box!!!

And last but not least, if you want the Retail for PC you can buy it here:

I will be keeping you guys up to date as we go! Have a really nice day everyone!!!


tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013

Making games should make you happy

Making games is art. You should always keep this in mind, the less you have to be involved with business, the more art your game is. Try and make games that make you happy and feel good, make it as your own reflection, make it bring up all the things you love about games!

This quote from Tommy would be the best one I've ever heard!

"The game comes out and people dont like it and people just trash it and it has a metacritic score of like 20.. and everyone thinks just its awful.. and its like, it really doesnt make a difference because, even tho its a game people are supposed to buy.. Its not a game that i made for people, i made it for myself. I made it as a reflection of myself. If people wanna buy modernwarfare or hero, its fine because i think those games are shit. If its those games they want, they prolly wont like my games cause i dont make shit games"

I agree 100%. I dont think games like Halo or Modernwarfare are any good, but hey thats just my opinion not an absolute fact. Everyone is free to think how they want! For me good games are the ones that come close to the artstyle and gameplay of my childhood games in video-game arcades :)

Peace out! :)

lauantai 12. lokakuuta 2013

Phew time is ticking tick tock tick tock

Today has been a hectic and fast day. I've been programming and spriting for like 12 hours. Hero Siege is really progressing well!

Today i've managed to add:

- All the items from the list and setup the variables, even implemented about 60% of them to actually work now.
- Moved the player health bar to the top left hud, was a really good idea.
- Added charging ability for the skeleton rares (still need some sound to spice them up ^^)
- A lots of small optimization and smoothing on the engine and drawing functions etc...

So yeah today has been sick productive! Aleksi Kujala also made an AWESOME little jingle for the item pickup which reminds me of binding of isaac in a good way ^_^!!!

Anyway here is a picture for you guys to check out (picking up items):

So till tomorrow guys! More blog text n material.. I'm so tired now.. got to go sleep :D (maybe play a bit of binding of isaac in bed and try to beat the devil this time! :))

Devotion, Love and Passion for games!

My blog today will be about making games on a personal level and a bit about Hero Siege's progress too.

In the last couple of weeks i have realized some things about myself which i probably didnt have a clue about before. I recently watched "Indie Game The Movie". This movie pretty much changed something inside my brain. The whole movie it was like watching into a mirror, i saw myself in all of those guys.

I never had an idea of how to describe the way I work, but now I have the words for it. I am an indie developer, I will always be. Making games is about expressing myself, my game projects are very personal. For me its not about making money or getting fame. For me making games is art, its the process of making something out of my head into reality.

"I want the game to be like this, I want the game to be about this thing that i felt in my childhood" Would be the best sentence describing why I make games.

This week something was released inside me. I feel like what im doing now is the only single thing i want to do in this lifetime. There is nothing else that would make me feel so connected with what i love to do. There is no way im ever going to work a regular job in my life. I'd rather just go live under a bridge and be a bumm if I couldnt make games for a living :)

Hero Siege Devlog

Yesterday I worked for 16 hours. I optimized lots of stuff and also implemented some features like picking up items etc. I animated the classes for item pickup and made so many sprites including a portal which takes you to the next area.

So what i decided to do with the game was to make the player advance into new areas in the game. Every "arena" lasts for 10 waves. After you kill the boss, it will drop you an item and create a portal on top of the pentagram. Hop into the portal and advance in the next area! I've designed a few "Acts" which consist of 5 arenas with their own theme and look.

I also implemented random weather effects such as "flying leaves", "Light Rain", "Snow flakes" etc. Prolly going to add thunder+rain and more different effects which really gives the game a big boost in overall "feeling".

What I did, I added "Labels" for the arenas which tells the name of the current arena. I also optimized the "Odin's Wrath" ability which pushes all enemies back and kills them. Its like a barbarian taunt from Diablo 2! :)

Anyway there is still alot to do! I will write again soon!


maanantai 7. lokakuuta 2013

Allnighter, lots of progress!

I invited Jussi to my place yesterday and we made a 12 hour work day and streamed in twitch. It was a REALLY productive day as we got lots of the flaws and problems fixed like name input etc. We also got a load of important things done like the new spawning system and arrays for new enemies.

I my self to like 20 items sprited and lots of effects and hud elements! Jussi got all the talents working for every class, and now the talent points are also saveable.

We are now waiting for response from Pelit-lehti's Editor (finnish game magazine) and we cross our fingers that we get featured somewhere which would really help our Greenlight and incoming mobile expoisure for Hero Siege. We also got featured in "" which you can check out here:

Anyway all the expoisure and advertising help is welcome!

Share this link on your social media, and go vote yes on the greenlight if you want to support our work and way of life!

Peace out! -Elias