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Long overdue update

It's been a looooooong while. Lots of stuff has happened, and you probably already know most of it. Hero Siege was launched February 2014 and that's what has been keeping us busy for the last year.

Although you might know the latest highlights, we have something new coming up every day. This is why me (Jussi) and Aapeli decided to revive this blog and let you guys know exactly what we're working on.

Aapeli might be a new face to most you, but I've been working with him for some time now on a game called Factory Escape. Elias has been talking about hiring some help with the burden of drawing ALL the graphics for Hero Siege, and I directed him to Aapeli. After a quick phone call and a conversation with Aapeli (who had just woken up), he was hired.

Jussi's thoughts:

So, I've been working on Hero Siege online multiplayer pretty much for the last year, but today I made a major breakthrough. I finally fixed the "players spawning dead" and "players mixing up" bugs, which have been bugging me (and others) for a long time. I couldn't be happier and the final release of the multiplayer for all users has never been this close. I also programmed a chat server and an in-game lobby for the players to enjoy, see here:

Hero Siege chat lobby
Currently it supports 100 simultaneous clients but we're hoping to extend the capacity in the future.

Aapeli's thoughts:

So there I was, spending a few weeks thinking what the heck should I do next when one morning the phone wakes me up and Jussi is telling me to come by the office and suddenly I have a pencil in my hand and I'm drawing things for Hero Siege. It's been a pretty cool week! Everyone's been working hard to make sure the players get the game they deserve. I've been observing the development of this game from up close since the very beginning and I gotta say, it's been quite an interesting ride and it's fun to be a part of it now.

I've spent the past few days drawing cutscenes for the game and will be helping Elias out with a variety of pixel art and animation tasks later on. From what I've seen so far the new content in the game looks awesome and it just keeps getting better.

Gurag death scene

Things to come:

Elias has been busy working with the DLC stuff, and by far it's gonna be epic! The Fallen Paladin is fully functional and Elias has been emphasizing that the collector's edition will be worth it.

The Depths of Hell collector's exclusive skin

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