perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

Week 12 Update

Hello again from Panic Art Studios, updating our progress from this week.

I (Jussi) have mostly been working on online multiplayer as usual. I've made great progress on syncing relics, and probably one of the most requested features, player minions!

Player minions in online multiplayer
We've also been working close with Esko, our server programmer, on security and new in-house features to make our work progress even smoother.

The new boss death screens that Aapeli has been working on are missing just one final boss. The sketches will then be finalized by Elias and added to the game, rewarding the player for beating the act!

Boss death screens by Aapeli

Elias has drawn and implemented a LOT of new relics for the DLC. The amount of randomized madness will be mind blowing once it's all done and ready.

New relics coming in The Depths of Hell

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