maanantai 7. lokakuuta 2013

Allnighter, lots of progress!

I invited Jussi to my place yesterday and we made a 12 hour work day and streamed in twitch. It was a REALLY productive day as we got lots of the flaws and problems fixed like name input etc. We also got a load of important things done like the new spawning system and arrays for new enemies.

I my self to like 20 items sprited and lots of effects and hud elements! Jussi got all the talents working for every class, and now the talent points are also saveable.

We are now waiting for response from Pelit-lehti's Editor (finnish game magazine) and we cross our fingers that we get featured somewhere which would really help our Greenlight and incoming mobile expoisure for Hero Siege. We also got featured in "" which you can check out here:

Anyway all the expoisure and advertising help is welcome!

Share this link on your social media, and go vote yes on the greenlight if you want to support our work and way of life!

Peace out! -Elias

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