tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013

Making games should make you happy

Making games is art. You should always keep this in mind, the less you have to be involved with business, the more art your game is. Try and make games that make you happy and feel good, make it as your own reflection, make it bring up all the things you love about games!

This quote from Tommy would be the best one I've ever heard!

"The game comes out and people dont like it and people just trash it and it has a metacritic score of like 20.. and everyone thinks just its awful.. and its like, it really doesnt make a difference because, even tho its a game people are supposed to buy.. Its not a game that i made for people, i made it for myself. I made it as a reflection of myself. If people wanna buy modernwarfare or hero, its fine because i think those games are shit. If its those games they want, they prolly wont like my games cause i dont make shit games"

I agree 100%. I dont think games like Halo or Modernwarfare are any good, but hey thats just my opinion not an absolute fact. Everyone is free to think how they want! For me good games are the ones that come close to the artstyle and gameplay of my childhood games in video-game arcades :)

Peace out! :)

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