lauantai 12. lokakuuta 2013

Phew time is ticking tick tock tick tock

Today has been a hectic and fast day. I've been programming and spriting for like 12 hours. Hero Siege is really progressing well!

Today i've managed to add:

- All the items from the list and setup the variables, even implemented about 60% of them to actually work now.
- Moved the player health bar to the top left hud, was a really good idea.
- Added charging ability for the skeleton rares (still need some sound to spice them up ^^)
- A lots of small optimization and smoothing on the engine and drawing functions etc...

So yeah today has been sick productive! Aleksi Kujala also made an AWESOME little jingle for the item pickup which reminds me of binding of isaac in a good way ^_^!!!

Anyway here is a picture for you guys to check out (picking up items):

So till tomorrow guys! More blog text n material.. I'm so tired now.. got to go sleep :D (maybe play a bit of binding of isaac in bed and try to beat the devil this time! :))

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